About RSST 

Recoil Shooting Sports & Training (RSST) provides training, firearms and gear to responsible civilians who want to improve their firearm skills. Our training covers the entire spectrum: from basic firearm safety and handling to advanced tactical applications for both handgun and rifle. Training options include NRA certified courses, Women’s Armed Defense and New Mexico Concealed Carry (CCW).  

Training at RSST is designed to reinforce proper fundamentals. Every student, regardless of their level of training, will be evaluated to diagnose any problems they may have in the fundamentals of proper shooting as part of the curriculum of every course. Students will then be introduced to increasingly more complex movements and actions until they feel comfortable performing the action in a live fire setting. The curriculum will include real life scenarios to prepare students for what they may encounter in their daily lives: be that dealing with an armed threat in the LE or military world or the responsible armed citizen protecting their family from an armed intruder.

What training at RSST is not: standing at the firing line, 7 yards away from a paper target, shooting as many rounds as it takes until you either pass the CCW requirements or you burn through all your ammo…. There are plenty of groups and individuals who will offer that type of ‘training’ to anyone whose check or credit card clears. For those individuals who want quality training with a focus on safety, shooting fundamentals and real life situations, RSST is ready. Are you?


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